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Recorded by SHaRKFiQ SSM 26 April 2010 at 10:47:00 AM 4 Comments


Nihao, haha..this is just a quick en3..hehe..i'm supposed to stdy right now, not having nice tyme with my FB n blog..haha..before that just wanna to translate that title.. its mean "Wishing All of You, The Best in ur Study" its sort of gud lux wishing in mandarin..haha..[agak sengal bila write in English, huahuahua..]

Here is my exam schedule for this semester, for the 1st tyme i only take 5 papers during final exam since 2 of the subject is 100% continuous assessment..
Final Exam:
* 21 APRIL 2010 - AIS630     [done]
* 23 APRIL 2010 - MAF630   [done]
* 28 APRIL 2010 - QMT429
* 3 MAY 2010 - FAR450
* 8 MAY 2010 - CRG530

Final Continuous Assessment:
* 9 APRIL 2010 - BMD501 - Final Writing Test [done]
* 7 APRIL 2010 - BEL499 - 2nd Interview [done]
 Hope all of u can pray for my success n I can get Dean's List for dis sem!! Ameen..

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  1. Insyallah, manjadda wajadda kan...

  2. acap: syukran jazilan ya sodiqi..hehe..
    tkjut tgk ko cmmnt..akhirnya..hehe..
    InsyaAllah. kita brjaya sama2!!

  3. Pic yg ko anta 4 contest...hehe

  4. yup..pic ni yg antr kontest tuh..
    tp kalah hehe~

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