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Recorded by SHaRKFiQ SSM 07 April 2010 at 1:26:00 AM 8 Comments


huahuahua..dh lama gila xupdate blog nih..bln 3 pn da satu en3 ja..ish3..atsa desakan membe2 yg len, Fiq akn cuba rajinkan diri mengupdate blog ni sblm kdtgn mggu peperangan yg akn bermula pd 21 April nih..hehe..

en3 kali ni nk crita psal g Bukit Cerakah a.k.a. Taman Pertanian Shah Alam yg trletak kt Sek.8 shah alam..xtually aritu ak dh try cr tmpt ni sorg2, tp xjmpa..slahkan signbord dy yg cm pelik tuh!!

ok, back to the story, the day start by attending meeting organized by SMF..maybe its our Final meeting if I'm not mistaken..then, Acap, our former MMP, invited me to joining him going to BC as ABACCS have programme on that day at there..

Firstly we are walking to the "camp site", but we quite lost actually..hehe..then, we decided to rent a bicycle each to make our "journey" more easy!! ahakz!! then, Thank God we managed to arrived at that camp site..

After spending about 30 minutes there, we decided to fully utilise the bicycle by exploring the park..hehe..our 1st mission is to 4 Seasons House (4SH), but along the way to there we went to Malaysian Village.. it have a variety type of actual sized home for each state..

then after sweating cycling we went to 4SH, on that day the seasons is winter..i though its free but we need to pay entry fees..huh!! RM3 person for adult and RM1 for child per person a.k.a. per head..hehe.. k, enjoy da picts!!

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  1. bgus2.. bru ckp dah update...hehe

  2. sutera: haha..ak concern ngan membe2 ak..hehe..

  3. hmm mcm best~
    mesti pegi neh..b4 grad..hehe

  4. laila: pegi la, tp kalo bleh jgn pegi tyme dy dh nk tutup..nant rugi xleh ddk lame2..hehe..

  5. Sjk sgt ke kt dlm 2...
    sem lps x mnyempat nk msk tme bwat shooting arb kt c2...

  6. Anon: hehe..sejuk sggtt..nsebbek ak da pkai jacket..tp xbest r xleh nk berdiri kt tgh2 rumah tu..cm ais abc je dy bt..acap ckp kalo snow btol dy lembut..hehe

  7. belum dapat pergi sini lagi :(

  8. xpe2, banyak masa lagi~ jgn lupe g taw~

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