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Recorded by SHaRKFiQ SSM 15 October 2010 at 6:03:00 AM 24 Comments


Proton Waja Lancer - spyshoot [test drive]

I believed that all Malaysian already heard about new Proton Waja Lancer that have been publicly shown in Buletin Utama days ago, now, the Proton Waja Lancer official name is PROTON INSPIRA that come from the word "inspiration". Here is official video of the name announcement ceremony and  some "words" from PROTON Managing Director, Syed Zainal Abidin Tahir. PROTON released its new model, the Proton Inspira, which will be cruising down Malaysian roads from Nov 10. For more pictures and info, feel free to visit Arena Kereta.

Buletin Utama - New Model from Proton

Proton Inspira - fresh inside the box.. haha ;)

Zoom in the PROTON INSPIRA - "smart guys get it"

Mitsubishi Lancer - compare by yourself~
The video~

SSM: I wish I am one of the "smart guys". btw, today is my father's birthday. I wish Allah's bless always be with him.. Ameen..

Disclaimer: All pictures are taken from Arena Kereta website, meanwhile all videos are downloaded fom You Tube~ 

Click, if u like it~ ;)


24 Responses so far.

  1. wish to be smart lady.....:)

  2. wow lawanya yg putih tu.....

  3. berapa hrga dia r?hahah.(mcm nk bli je.keh3)

  4. smart lah jugak..ada ati nak beli ni..waaa

  5. grill depan tak ganas cam lancer la :p

  6. ...antikapel...
    u should book it now..
    hehe ;)

  7. MR. MIND:
    hehe, tp yg putih tu lancer, bukan inspira~

  8. miSz TiQue:
    hrga dy around rm79k ++,
    its worth bcoz 1.8 cc..
    ssh nak cari 1.8 hrga around rm80k

  9. Awa:
    mmg smart pn.. g la book dulu, nanti bleh tumpang.. hehe~

  10. Mr Noble :
    agak r, tp kalo sam sgt2, dah xnama inspira plak.. hehe

  11. kalu tak book dulu tak pe kan..nanti dah book jadi plak..kena debuk ada

  12. hahah..
    kalo xbook lambat lagi r dpt..
    yg book skrg ni pn, nov 10 br bleh dpt..
    kalo xsilap r..

    btw, semua kete bkn nk beli kene book dulu ke?? xde pngalaman beli kete lg nih~

  13. perghh..seiously aku amat kagum dengan design kereta proton inspira nie..
    amat menarik dan mcm kereta luar negara plak..
    weyh..aku xsabar2 nk sem 7 nie....ko ckp best...hehehe

  14. taw xpa.. mmg smart style ngan matap r design inspira nih~

    hahah, mcm ak ckp, part 7 nih best based on which company yg ko buat intern~ hehe

  15. hurm.. sy xminat kereta ni.. hehe..

    *buat kajian?? sikit la.. dan bnda yang menerangkn tentang diri saya.. yg berkaitan sy.. ;)

  16. Black_roses:
    hurm.. sy minat kereta nih..
    ~smart style mantap~

  17. xder ape nk komen dah~ hahax

  18. eqin:
    agak terasa ak.. ;)

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