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Anyone have been to Bukit Tabur (a crystal ridge) that  located in Melawati?? hehe, yeah, six of us managed to climb up Bukit Tabur last November. The routes is really tough and DANGEROUS.. 

Actually, all of us dont know how to get there, we just using google map to get know the right way, Alhamdulillah, we managed arrived there without lost..hehe~ cool rite?? hehe.. Here is some of the pictures taken at Bukit Tabur, Taman Melawati.

Bukit Tabur, Taman Melawati with Klang Dam

Yeah, we are at 1st peak!!

Writing names at "Memorial Flag"

"Memorial flag" [six of us] 

 "Route to the peak" with smart and unique tree~

My friends already planned to "surprise" me with cake and other foods such as cucur udang, nasi goreng, sandwich, butterscotch, and also a big fresh watermelon.. We rest at the second peak because in order to get to 3rd peak, we need to use rope, and there are many of peoples queue there, so we take a break first before continue our journey..  u can see the dangerous cliffs HERE.
Birthday's cake at the mountain.. hehe.. thanks dear friends..

"surprise party" -macam2 ada

Eating Session, at the middle of the route

"Along the challenging journey"
we can see KLCC and KL Tower from here 
with "black polluted air" in the middle of the city

Nyum Nyum.. Nice Watermelon.. hehe~

Shark with stylo "Quasar a.ka. limestone"

We took 5 hours to complete the whole route as we will going down through different ways (orchards), and will end at different end point.. We took 5 hours because we stop and celebrate birthday party up there, taking much pictures, actually its only take 2-4 hours only, based on your fitness.. ;) 

Click, if u like Bukit Tabur's views~ ;)

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  1. syafik.cantik gila gambar.Ni pakai fon kau kan?

  2. haha..baju era 18 nmpk..
    hahaha..smgt ya..

  3. keyla:
    sbb xdapt nak nek ledang, ak nek r bukit tabur..
    mmg merbahaya~

  4. anith:
    ak cm dh komen b4 nih~
    my lupa nak klik post kot~ hehe

    yg gamba ak sorg guna hp nab..
    yg gamba2 len gne hp ak..
    tp ak de edit sket gne photoscape~

  5. wahhh naik ngan aweks ekk?? tak nampak pun ada lelaki lain selain fiQ :P
    syiokknya tgk mknn tu heheheh

  6. bagus betul sambut besday kat tempat2 macm tu... haha..idea menarikk..leh aku tiru..ingat nak bawak ke kinabalu la..haha

  7. cantik la pemandangan di atas...tapi mae lelaki...macam 2orang je lelaki yang g sane..? hehehhee....best la..ajak ar aku skali..hoho

    latest entri:

    Contoh hipokrit dalam masyarakat; hipokrit ini teruk?!?

  8. adeh, best gler kot siap celebrate burfday ats bukit,
    chantek gler! xD
    btw, slmt hri tua fiq. haha! :PP

  9. k.eli:
    xde r, nek ngan coursemate..
    ade 2 org laki je yg join, Shark ngan housmate..
    sorg tu awek my housmate, n yg laen tu housemate awek dy..

  10. Sharkox:
    tu r psal, stylo kan ktorg..
    xpenah pb dibuat org, nak bwk maknn semua, dh la berat, nak naek gunung lagi~
    but, it was a nice experience.. dh sem 7 br nak buat..hehe~

  11. Nas:
    mmg kitorg g 6 orang je..
    2 laki, 4pmpn..
    mase nih cuti sabtu ahad tyme intern dulu..
    best!! seyes best..
    btw, kalo ak ajak ko nk ke join skali ngan senior2 batch july'07 ko??

  12. LBC:
    mmg best pun..
    tmpt nih name je bukit tabur, tapi advanture dy tu mcm gunung daa~
    nanti LBC try r g sna.. hehe..

    btw, ktorg semua pelajar fakulti perakaunan UiTM Malaysia, Shah ALam..
    batch July 2007 (07'07)

  13. cam best je bukit tabur ni,,

  14. iszieylyanziy:
    yeah, tabur hill really nice and best, yet challenging~

  15. rumah saya dekat je dgn tmn melawati tapi tak pernah gi pun bukit tabur ni..heheh...penah dgr tapi de chance lagi nak gi sana

  16. ha.MY:
    laa, umah dkt je ke?? nanti try r ajak membe2 g sane..
    mmg best plus wonderful view..
    btw, make sure ade lelaki ikut skali, sbb cam agak bahaya bukit tu~

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