"SSM" ~ a JouRNaL oF JouRNeY


Recorded by SHaRKFiQ SSM 19 September 2010 at 10:17:00 PM 10 Comments


Refer to the above, this blog is under renovation and will be fully active till further notice. Your concern and patient are greatly appreciate.

Yours very truly,
Thank you.

btw, here is a picture that taken by me at Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival, March 2010..

 1st time saw this "signboard" LOL =))

SSM: hmm.. change language>Malay.. haha.. lps nih jgn dh xjogging kt cni~ c u soon~

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  1. haha.. nice post =)

  2. ken:

  3. orite!! project mesti siap within schedule okay!!xboleh delay,haha! :D

  4. my 1st tym seeing dat sign too.

  5. nanti ok le ni ya

    1,000 UV Sehari

  6. sYazY_dZaiMa:
    i'll try to make it possible, hehehe~

  7. Benrauf:
    unique rite?? hehe

  8. Sharinginfoz:
    1000?? 50 pun payah nk dapt..
    10 ok la lagi.. hehe~

  9. hahaa, lol!
    pokok pown nk treatmnt ok, (^___^)

  10. fariehan:
    hehe, tw xpa..

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